1. Australians and the Scandinavian Aesthetic

    Australians and the Scandinavian Aesthetic

    Australians and the Scandinavian Aesthetic

    Australia’s love affair with Danish design and the Scandi living aesthetic is undoubtedly nothing new. Dating all the way back to the 1950’s it’s a long standing relationship that endures to this day. Even our treasured landmark, the Sydney Opera House, owes its creation to Danish Architect, Jørn Oberg Utzon. With clean lines, light open spaces and focus on timber, it’s no wonder this interior style remains a top choice. ‘Scandi’ is consistently one of Australia’s

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  2. Enhancing Workplace Culture Through Design

    Enhancing Workplace Culture Through Design

    Changes in Traditional Office Design and Layout

    Here at Dane Craft Modern Furniture Brisbane, we continue to see the evolution in traditional office layout and workplace design. Clearly there has been a significant shift in the wake of post pandemic changes. As companies and employees find a new balance between workplace and home, the work environment needs to foster collaboration and face to face interaction. The office is no longer just a workplace but rather a hybrid and flexible space. A renewed focus on collaboration, wellbeing and valuable socialising

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  3. Bespoke dining tables by Dane Craft Modern Furniture Co.

    The Svea Dining Table by Dane Craft Modern Furniture Co is a truly breathtaking piece of furniture.  The tabletop is a solid slab of 5cm thick of South American Walnut.  This timber species is known for its dark chocolate coloured interior and contrasting pale yellow sapwood edges.  The 260cm long version of the Svea Dining Table is finished with a raw natural timber edge creating an extraordinary organic feature.

    The South American Walnut featured in our Svea dining table, tells a story, and takes our designs to the next level.  We are constantly working with suppliers to find wood that is sourced sustainably through certified suppliers from around the world and consistent with our visual presentation.  Maintaining such stringent standards can make it difficult, but the effort is well worth it, and the detail is shown in our finished product. 

    This beautiful table is finished with oil and wax and comes with powder coated steel legs available

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  4. Introducing the Marguerite Chairs

    The Marguerite Dining Chair boasts Danish flare, with its simplistic yet functional design. Enhance the style and comfort of your space with this beautiful design. The Marguerite Dining Chair is sure to turn heads in any setting, whether it be contemporary or classic.

    The Marguerite is named after the national flower of Denmark. An iconic chair earns an iconic name at Dane Craft Modern Furniture Co.! The daisy represents balance, which the Marguerite exudes through its materiality and free flowing form. True to Scandinavian design, this chair encompasses the notions of less is more, though high quality materials.

    A range of materials are available to choose from, providing ample opportunity to choose a style that is suited just for you! Crafted from solid oak timber and the choice of a cashmere fabric or smooth

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