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Dane Craft offers an elegant selection of indoor and outdoor stools at our online store. Our stock includes Low Stools measuring 45 cm seat height, Counter Stools measuring 65-68 cm seat height and High Bar Stools standing at 75 cm high.

It is useful to understand the difference between Counter Stools and Bar Stools to select the right type of stool. A counter stool is a chair on which you can sit comfortably at a counter. This is a kitchen workspace or dining area accessible to standing cooks as well as someone who is sitting. You can expect the chair to be higher than that of a regular table. A bar stool is a chair used to sit comfortably at a bar, bar stools are typically higher than counter chairs and often have backrests.

To ensure you select the right type of stool, measure the area where the stools are to be positioned. If planning to use Low Stools as dining chairs for a standard sized kitchen table, then the 45 cm stool is ideal. If you have a kitchen breakfast table or bench height around 90 cm, then the 65 cm Counter Stool will fit the space. A typical bar table measures approximately 100-110 cm high which requires a High Bar Stool with a 75 cm seat height. Certain other factors such as décor, user safety, backrests, material, and finish should also be considered.

Our Peterson, Axel, Otto and Olaf selection of stools ensures you will find quality design solutions for your home or commercial premises. All our items are checked for quality prior to shipping at wholesale prices.

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