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Plastic Chairs

The Dane Craft Modern Furniture Co’s range of chairs has been carefully selected to bring the Danish and Scandinavian design vibe to your home. The range includes classic designer pieces some crafted in Ash, some in Oak, some upholstered in soft velvet, some upholstered in natural leather with the classic designers of other offerings such as Siesta and Ulrik utilising the moldability of plastics to produce stylish pieces in the Danish style.

Among the plastic designer pieces offered by the Dane Craft Modern Furniture Co are the stackable Monna and Snow chairs by Siesta and the equally stackable classic Ulrik Dining Chair.

The stunning European made Monna Chair is an original design plastic chair produced by the Siesta Group, the world’s foremost manufacturer of plastic furniture pieces. The Monna is an outdoor dining chair which is UV stabilized and weather resistant, so is ideal for use in your Australian backyard.

The equally stunning European Snow Chair from the same producer is a more contemporary style of chair with its striking angular side profile and supportive backrest being achieved using a single air mould. The piece is UV stabilized and weather resistant and suitable for both indoor modern dining and as an outdoor chair.  Like the Monna chair it comes with a three (3) year warranty this designer outdoor plastic chair is suitable for use in full sun wherever you are in Australia. It is available in White, Black or Mango colourways. They are rated to 150kg.

The clean lines and inviting design of the Ulrik Dining Chair make it the perfect selection for dining rooms and eat-in kitchens. Smooth, thin and paired back, this practical shape is not only beautiful but stackable! It features a minimalist one-piece formed seat and a back moulded to the body. It sits upon complimentary thin wire legs that subtly bend at the floor level adding a finer detail without compromising its strength and stability. This Ulrik creation epitomises the quiet “less is more” aesthetic, this original design for Dane Craft has a seat height of 45cm and makes a tidy, smart match with our Lutgard Dining Table.

If you are shopping for high quality, designer chairs made of Plastic then you must inspect these fine chairs at our Brisbane store showroom. 

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