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One small piece – so many uses

Why a bench? – if you are searching here then you already know that benches can be a very useful addition to your personal accommodations – you already know that they are very functional and potentially adaptable piece of furniture – they can provide additional guest seating – they can function as a serving table or a drinks table if it features a flat surface – of course all of this is to no avail unless the design is compatible with the décor of your home or apartment.


Design Excellence

Dane Craft Modern Furniture Co recognises this requirement and as an example of its commitment to a marriage between functional and good design it included the  Granada Timber Bench Seat by Dane Craft as part of its range - Hand crafted in solid ash timber by expert craftsmen this is a classic example of design excellence in a modern home or apartment furniture – it is a must for home and apartment owners who are looking for a bench that is consistent with the Danish and Scandinavian ethos – it would serve as a lovely companion to your timber dining table, or as a hallway bench seat. A timber bench such as this will enhance any room and will bring a warm comforting appeal to any room.


The Dane Craft Touch

So if you are searching for Benches then you simply must view our range of furniture products - Our prices are the best you will find online, and you can view and collect directly from our Kedron store, or alternatively we can ship to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane express with our Australia wide road transport partners.  Need more information?  Our Team are ready to assist, call 1300 707 018 or email.

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