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Browse our range of Mirrors online, including some fantastic modern styled wall mirrors that will transform your home and seemingly create space.

A mirror is not just something to check out your hair or make-up in, it is a highly functional furniture accessory that needs to be used in the right space. Placing a mirror on the wall facing a glass door or window will reflect open space in your room, and make it appear larger.

The same principle applies in your hallway or bedroom, you can make either appear lighter and brighter with the perfect placement of a new Wall Mirror. Our collection includes some fantastic black timber framed mirrors that are ultra modern, as well as some more traditional styled silver mirrors.

One of our most popular items is our Danielle Full Length Mirror, which is ideal for your bedroom. This Full Length Mirror will allow you to check out your entire wardrobe and shoe combination without jumping on chairs and benches . This stunning large mirror features a hand crafted black timber frame.

View our mirrors in-store at our Brisbane showroom, we are open five days per week. Alternatively you can buy online for shipping to Sydney or Melbourne in just a few business days.

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