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Waxes & Polishes

When you have a range of furniture made from natural timber, it is important that you have a range of Furniture Polishes and Furniture Waxes available to protect your investment.  We highly recommend using Gilly's range of furniture polish and wax as they use genuine bees wax products that gently care for all of your timber furniture.

Upon receipt of your new Scandinavian Timber Table table from Dane Craft, we would recommend applying a Lemon Cream wax polish, that will provide a protective layer against spills on your table.  The wax ensures any liquids will bead on the surface, giving you additional time to remove spills before they have time to absorb and mark the table top.

We would also recommend you to apply a furniture polish containing wax yearly, to ensure your timber slab table will remain in perfect condition.  This is a very simple process that requires a soft cloth and some Gilly's Furniture Polish.  Firstly clean the table with a very slightly wet cloth, and allow the table to dry completely, then apply a generous amount of furniture polish and rub in a circular motion over the entire table top.

If you require any minor repairs for scratches or marks that have made it onto your timber table surface, then we have a range of Gilly's Beeswax filler sticks and Gilly's Scratch Cover than can mask any damage.

Visit our Brisbane store to purchase your Furniture Wax or furniture polishes, or to speak with our qualified staff with regards to any minor furniture repair questions you may have.

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